Rich in minerals and antioxidants
Hamp seed is the most abundant source of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper (15).

No research has ever been done on how the process of seed in protein powder affects the content of these nutrients.

However, the Nutrition Facts label of many canabid protein products states that it has 80% RDI and 52% Iron Per Serving (22) for magnesium.

In addition, cannabis seeds are lignamyoid compounds with strong antioxidant properties (23).

Antioxidants keep your body safe from oxidative damage associated with older diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, the use of antioxidants is good for your health (24, 25).

Hepp protein powder is a good source of antioxidants and minerals, especially magnesium and iron, which will benefit your health.

Hungry flavor
Hepp protein powder is blue-green and its flavor is known as earth, nuts or grass.

Many people taste cannabis protein powder, while others find it very strong.

It is advisable to try a small amounts of cannabis proteins to see if you enjoy it before purchasing it in large quantities.

Canabas proteins are less clean than other types of protein powders, so the texture is a little darker.

It mixes well with gentle tremors, but when it gets stimulated by water it can be sandy.

Hepp protein powder contains starvation scent that appeals to many people. It is the best use of mixed with other ingredients because it can be dirty nutrients compared to other vegetable-based protein powders.
Recommended dosage
Adults need at least 0.36 grams of protein per day (0.8 g / kg) (26).

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For an adult who is 68.2 kg, every day is equal to 55 grams of protein.

However, people with sports need more proteins to maintain their muscle mass.

The International Society for Sports Nutrition recommends that people who exercise regularly eat 0.64-0.9 grams per day (1.4-2.0 grams) per kg (27).

Those bodybuilding and fitness competitors, such as cutting off calories, can be trained in resistance, requiring 1.4 grams per body weight (27, 28) per pound (3.1 gram kilogram).

Athletes should take protein within two hours of exercise for maximum recovery. 5-7 spoonfuls are the most effective for making hipback protein powder muscle (26).

When your diet should contain large amounts of protein, supplementation can be a good supplemental protein source with protein powder.

Hepp protein powder can be an additional protein source, which is especially useful for athletes. Exercise provides the ideal amount of 5-7 teaspoonfuls of rest.
Side effects and precautions
Most people have cannabis protein powder safely, potential side effects can occur.

Because cannabis proteins are relatively high in fiber, some people feel gas, swelling or diarrhea if they use it too fast.

In addition, allergy sufferers should stay away from cannabis protein powder (29).

Some animal studies have shown that heat can be unsafe for pregnant or nursing women, people with anemia and weak immune systems, but human studies are needed (30, 31).

Although cannabis is in the form of marijuana in the family of the same plant, cannabis seeds are very low in the psychiatrist's THC. Research has shown that eating 300 g of barked Hump Seed does not interfere with urinary drug testing (32).

Ham is safe for most people, although it can cause digestive problems. It can be avoided by everyone with cannabis and some diseases. This protein powder does not have enough THC to affect the drug test results.
Bottom line
Hepp protein powder is a complete protein that contains antioxidants, minerals, fiber and unhealthy fats.

This is a good choice, especially for greens, but other vegetable proteins such as soy can be less nutritious than protein.

Although it is usually safe, it can cause side effects or side effects in some people.

More research is needed to determine the quality of cannabis protein powder, but finding it for fiber and healthy fat proteins is a good option.



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